I don’t think I’ve felt like this place is this dead before. Have all those nerds finally made their way out of the labs and discovered that there actually is an outside world?


I doubt it. They’ve probably just burrowed deeper into the confines of their sanctuary.


Come on, Cap—look at me. Do you not see these secret agent duds? Means you gotta let me keep my secrets.

Avengers World #14


Maria Hill

↳ Agents of SHIELD: Nothing Personal


Avengers Assemble! $%#@!!


[blinks and feels his whole body shudder when he hears the name ‘Bucky’: nobody had called him that ever since his programming got knocked out of him, not even Rogers, blessedly enough. He decides to just bite the bullet and admit his confusion aloud] Sorry, I…have we met before?


[grimaces as she remembers the file Director Fury had handed her upon her arrival. She gives Bucky a small smile and nods] Yeah, we met last fall. I’m Maria…Maria Hill. [pauses, nervously] Sorry, I was told what had happened. I shouldn’t have been so careless. Do you go by James or Barnes now?


[Sitting in the library, Phil let out a breath. Pushing up the glasses on his nose rather than bother with contacts, he flipped to a new page of his book, wasting the day away reading up on information he missed during his recovery. Glancing up when he heard a noise, Phil’s attention returned to the book, not looking up again when he heard the sounds of someone approaching.] You would think that the common courtesy of quiet in a library, even one as unusual as this, would still apply. I could hear you from a mile away. [He spoke up, tone dry but almost teasing, though there wasn’t a change in his straight expression as he glanced up to see who approached.]


[Maria gives her old friend a smirk before sliding into the seat across from him] And here I was thinking I was as stealthy as a cat. I’ll need to buy a silencer for these stilettos then if I ever want to catch you off your guard. Once I get those, we can begin a Pink Panther like training session. You’ll be Clouseau, I’ll be Kato. How does that sound?



[is sitting at an empty seat in the common area, watching as his computer program starts copying all the files on ‘Barnes, James B.’ from SHIELD’s servers. He’s still trying to figure out just who he used to be, even if it’s only basic army info and mission stats. Still better than nothing. Barnes doesn’t bother looking up when he hears someone else enter the room]

If you need the room to yourself, I can go. 

Nah, you’re good Bucky. Just getting some much needed caffeine. [Maria walks over to the kitchen area of the common room and begins making coffee. She glances behind her and watches him for a moment before turning back to grab sugar from the pantry, calling over her shoulder] Find anything interesting?

Girls just want to have fun


So, I know it isn’t the weekend, but c’mon. There has to be something to do around her that doesn’t involved the lab or the range.


Well it just depends on what you have in mind. You can go shopping, sight-seeing, or just get lost and see where the City takes you. That’s always fun. I’ve found many a good coffee place that way.

Lunch time! ((open rp))


Thor quickly began to eat down a turkey and cheese sandwich, he never really had manners at the dinner table, so his mouth was always constantly making a different array of fast movements, and as always was accompanied by a loud “Nom nom nom.” sound. 

He smirked, and let out a small burp soon after. “Ah. earth food isn’t half bad!” 


It wasn’t the first time Maria had raised an eyebrow at her dining companion’s actions. Without so much as a word, the man had plopped down at her table and began to stuff his face. While Maria loved eating as much as the next foodie, she at least had the decency to chew with her mouth closed. She had tried to ignore him at first but the noises coming from his mouth had become so distracting she couldn’t help but set aside her book and stare at him in a mixture of curiosity and mild annoyance. Flecks of food spewed out of the man’s mouth as he commented on the food and landed on her book. “If this is how your manners are with half-decent food, I don’t think I want to know what they’re like with things you find amazing,” She replied coolly as she wiped down her book with a napkin.


NOT just a woman

a fanmix decidated to the most badass marvel lady called maria hill

- She’s just one woman.
- In all wars in human history, how many would you say started from that one sentence?

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